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Our Consulting Lifecycle

Heres a look at our consulting lifecycle. This is how we work to deliver our consultancy services effectively to your business. We have adopted a simple four stage approach which has had great impact with our current clients.

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Our lifecycle in Consulting starts off with the "Discovery" phase. This is where we learn about the problem you are trying to solve, the business objectives involved and where we can make the biggest impact whilst delivering as much value as possible.



Scoping is all about establishing the boundary within which we are to operate. This is typically defined in the "Rules of Engagement" and/or the "Statement of Works" document. The scope is what defines the extent of our reach during the engagement.

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With a well defined scope and an agreed upon approach to the engagement, the Delivery phase focuses on the "doing" element itself. This is where we put into action our expertise and our consultants get to work on delivering the value and impact you expect from us.


Report & Review

Delivering an engagement is only one part of the puzzle. A quality report offering insight into the results achieved and impact delivered is crucial to successfully closing out the Consulting Lifecycle. Our consultants will guide you through the review process to ensure you have gained the maximum value from the engagement.

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