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Ready to get battle-hardened?

Find out how we help businesses embrace cyber security.


Rexon Cyber is a Cyber Security consulting firm that specialises in delivering cyber services with a focus on your business objectives and business processes. We believe that cyber security should be engrained in your business objectives and processes, and not approached as a bolt-on solution.

Our team of seasoned professionals boasts extensive experience in cyber security and is committed to safeguarding your business from cyber threats. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including threat modelling, risk assessments, vulnerability testing, and penetration testing, tailored to meet your unique security needs. You can rely on Rexon Cyber to provide you with the highest level of protection for your business.

Why Choose Rexon?

Battle-hardened ethos

Our core ethos is "battle hardened". The idea behind being battle-hardened is simple; we believe that businesses cannot truly gauge the effectiveness of their cyber security controls without undergoing serious threat emulation. That's why we aim to closely mirror real-world threat actors across the range of services we offer.

Threat first approach

Rather than focussing on specific vulnerabilities and going down rabbit-holes, we use a "threat first" approach to cyber security. We aim to understand the business objectives that drive your company and the threat landscape that your business operates in, so that we can be effective.

Consulting as a Service

Rexon Cyber offer Consulting-as-a-Service as our primary approach to consulting. We feel this allows our clients to engage in a much wider array of cyber services without cost being an inhibiting factor. Our clients gain access to our suite of cyber services and workshops, all included in a fix annual fee.

Consultant led services

We believe our consultants are our most important asset and that's why we take a consultant led approach our services. Our consultants pride themselves on being experts in their fields and aim to provide a level of service that unmatched.

If you’d like more information about how we work, get in touch today.

Our Values

Consulting Lifecycle



Our lifecycle in Consulting starts off with the "Discovery" phase. This is where we learn about the problem you are trying to solve, the business objectives involved and where we can make the biggest impact whilst delivering as much value as possible.



Scoping is all about establishing the boundary within which we are to operate. This is typically defined in the "Rules of Engagement" and/or the "Statement of Works" document. The scope is what defines the extent of our reach during the engagement.



With a well defined scope and an agreed upon approach to the engagement, the Delivery phase focuses on the "doing" element itself. This is where we put into action our expertise and our consultants get to work on delivering the value and impact you expect from us.


Report & Review

A quality report offering insight into the results achieved and impact delivered is crucial to successfully closing out the Consulting Lifecycle. Our consultants will guide you through the review process to ensure you have gained the maximum value from the engagement.


Tony S., Solicitor

“Rexon Cyber have helped us implement a number of cyber security best practices and have made a huge difference to how we approach data security and cloud backups."


Our services are split over three core areas;




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Intro to Cyber


Cyber for Developers

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Threat Modelling

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